Character Intro: Gina The Pig

I don't have much characters in my comic but those who read my comics would've been familiar with this character. I'd never revealed her name before so this post is kinda like an introductory speech to her. Gina.

We were in our university days back then when I first saw Gina. She looked like a malnourished sun bear (don't google that). If this life is a horror movie, she seemed like the one that will be first eaten by some sort of 3-legged camel creature at the beginning of the movie.

We never really talked much then. Never did I knew, we would turn out to be best of friends several years later.

If I could use one word to describe her, that would be introverted spiritually-sassy mask-obsessed pig. One word isn't enough. Lean as a snake, no amount of fried chicken could turn her into a puffy balloon. She has every girls' dream - to eat and not get fat.

Why pig though? Is this some sort of bullying that I imposed on her? Well, the answer lies in her passion.

When I asked her what her hobby is, it's sleeping.

Zach: What are you doing now?

Gina: Sleeping.

Zach: If there is one thing you would want to- (I didn't even get to finish my question)

Gina: Sleeping.

Gina is passionate when it comes to sleeping. Her spirit animal is definitely the pig. This animal just  loves to sleep its whole life away.

Despite being already gorgeous, she wants to be prettier. (Her words, not mine) To enhance her beauty to the max, an obsession started to develop within her psychological mindset. She became obsessed with masks.

She loves masks. Facial masks.

I'd imagined. If she was watching a movie in the cinema, she would have applied mask on her skin throughout the entire movie. It's dark, relaxing, everyone's too busy watching the movie instead of noticing her. The perfect maximization of her time.

Quiz time. What differentiates between a normal pig that you eat in your local eateries and a high class noble pig?

The answer is tea. Matcha to be precise. If there's anything that will turn her into an addict, it's matcha. She takes matcha in various forms; ice cream, tea, injection, cake.

To further understand our Gina here, I personally interviewed her with the most important selected questions that will reveal her true nature. Here's how it goes...

Guys, remember to stash your rabbits into a safe closet and always lock it. Not to scare you guys, the pig knows how to open unlocked closets with ease.

That's it folks - a little highlight on one of the character in Za'chomics. Till next time, take care,


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