10+ Hilarious Comics That Running Beginners Will Relate

I've been running a lot more recently and it wasn't easy. I am running quite a bit before but I don't feel that the 4 laps go any easier every time I run it. So, I thought a more frequent workout will pump up my stamina. 

 Sometimes, I don't greet people. Not because I'm rude. It's because I'm trying to stay alive.
 The rain will hide my tears.
 Ed Sheeran is everywhere these days huh.
Sometimes, I'm too lazy to wear socks. I mean I'm like walked down the stairs, looking at my sports shoes and asked myself.
Where's the socks? Nah... I don't need it. 
 Your body is a temple.
I always noticed that people tend to look at me whenever I run past them. I feel cool and self-conscious at the same time.

 Real man own blisters ...
 Running is the top sports that I do because it is also the cheapest.
 Why dudes shave legs? I don't wanna know.
 I want something refreshing and sweet at the end of it all.
 Recently said hi to an uncle that jogs frequently there. I mean I jog and he just walks.
 No time better than present ... easier said than done.
 People and their dogs in a no-pets park.
 Hope this motivated someone.
Epic guitar play* *shakes head* *spins head around*

I've been introduced to jogging since a kid. My dad loves to jog. He brings us out every time. It has been a casual habit that got stuck with me since. I get to learn a few things like the mindset that I need to finish a run. Choosing the proper running shoes. Breathing control. Maybe I'll write an article about it, for future reference.

*Yes, in case you're wondering, two of the comics here has been posted before. I just included them in because they suit the theme of this series. 


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