Always Eating

My bro, Mika loves desserts. While I triumph in eating tons of food in a steamboat buffet, he would stand the same for desserts. Occasionally, as in once every 4 to 5 weeks, he has this craving. The recent one happened yesterday, 11 July.

After lunch, we went to buy dark chocolate. We snacked as we walked through the shopping complex. We headed towards an ice cream booth for a strawberry cone ice cream before heading up to another shop for yogurt ice cream. He suggested that we go to a fruit juice booth but my stomach couldn't take it anymore. I am also concerned about diabetes. We stopped afterwards. Headed to the convenient store to get some ingredients for fried rice and that's the end of our outing.

Oh, it rained outside as we walked out. Well, we're not gonna let a little drizzle stop us. After all ... *thunder rumbles* but, we took out our umbrella and walked home anyway. It was uncomfortable getting dirt and tiny leaves sticking on our legs as we walked. But, all is well.


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