10+ Random Comics of Week 3 August 2017

Week 3 was a tough one as challenges clouded my sense of direction. I tried to go for 300 episode of comics in Webtoons. There's like 30+ of comics to go and I'm less than 2 weeks away before the end of August.

I can't drink booze. Even just one sip of normal 5% alcohol beer will make my face flush. I hope this inability won't cause further complications in the future.

 A gentleman is the sentinel of the modern society.

QLC stands for quarter life crisis. There's one point in my life that I don't know what to do anymore. I was depressed for quite some time, trying to seek out the path that I like to walk on. I was having my hellish internship back then and there was a heavy haze that makes every morning air smelt like death. 
People who steal food are scum. But, circumstances can force us to do what is needed to survive. Just be sure you don't get caught if you do it though.

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