20+ Random Comic of Mid September 2017

Okay, we're back here again. Since nobody really visits my website, I guess it's okay to pretty much post every comic I did since the past few days in a single post. It's faster for me.

Some people are gonna argue about religion. There's a famous saying about religion is that "don't start talking about religion unless you wanna start a fight".

 This is my life now. Eating in front of my laptop most of the time.

One exciting moment of my life involved feeling hunger, urge to pee and poo at the same time. It wasn't pleasant at all.

Good music helped me calm my senses when I was at a verge of overthinking. I used to find some friends to talk about it. But, people change and have their own life. I seldom seek people for such discussions anymore. At least there's still good music around. 

Despacito was a hype! I didn't entirely liked the song because I don't understand a single word they're saying. Besides, "despacito" sounds a bit familiar with desperado which doesn't give a good impression to me. Reminds me of desperate people and their desperate lives. Kinda like the life I'm living now.
 Bun loves to eat. But, she tends to feel regret over how much she had eaten.
 There's too much distractions around! Those who succeed truly have mastered self-discipline.
As time passes, I learn not to care too much. Sometimes, I tend to overthink. There are some people who have wronged me before and all of a sudden, le' brain decided to personalize these people in my head. I know for sure there's no way we're gonna meet ever again. And the personalization did affected me. I felt anger over something that my mind created. Soon, I simply decided not to think about it. It's a waste of time and brain power. I should put my thoughts on people that truly mattered to me. How will I make her day great?

School isn't entirely useless. Yes, we tend to forget all the lessons about history, moral studies and biology definitions that we crammed hard to pass the exams. But, there are some things it teaches: responsibilities, thinking skills, comprehension ... and some other stuffs.

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