Stories: Cosmart

I stared from a distance as his life started to fall apart - I mean his cosplay starting to crumble. The cosplay contestants were asked to perform certain acts depending on what's written on the random piece of paper that they picked. And, these two chose the "hypnotized" act. At this point, it's not about the cosplay anymore. It's about putting up the best act. Didn't expect that in a cosplay competition.

Through this cosplay event (called Cosmart), I've learned a few things or two. Like how some cosplay should not be done. Think of your pride and family before doing such a thing. And, one does not simply wear a Spiderman costume and walk around without showing off their bulge at the crotch. It was an unholy sight. I was intimidated to ask him for a picture.

I've also come to realize my own weakness. Asking for a photo is a normal thing in such a place yet I was stunned. Anxiety accompanied me all the way. However, they have this competition on stage where people would be posing in front of the judges with their cosplay. It was my chance to shoot everyone on stage and I did.

The entire event was awesome but exhausting. It was tiring mainly because the journey was super long. It's around an hour of traveling. Two hours for both ways.

Having the chance to see foreigner cosplayers was something amazing though. They were so dedicated in their hobbies with no reward but self-satisfaction. And, that carried them this far. Three of the cosplay artists were invited from overseas - King, Sansin and Tomia. It was the first time I've ever seen any professional cosplayers. My eyes lit up, scanning them from head to toe.

There's an upcoming comic fiesta event this December. Ethan and I decided to attend this event. It's also a chance to defeat him in bowling after that humiliating defeat last time.


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