Stories: Mario For A Day

So, the sink broke the other day. When I took the whole thing apart, I discovered that it was actually held by pieces of adhesive tapes and greasy grimes. It was supposed to be screwed tight but the whole thing gave away to rust.

I tried to tape it back but it wasn't working - of course it doesn't. Cellophane tape don't work that way A trip to the local hardware store made its way to the day's schedule. I couldn't find the parts for the fix and this leaves me to no choice. I had to glue it back together.

I picked a thing called silicone sealant that comes with a tube of super glue. I glued the pipe back to its location and seal it around with the sealant. The sealant is a rough white paste. It's meant to be waterproof so washing it away will be a problem. I didn't have the right tool with the flexibility that could go around the sink nicely.

I had to use my bare hands.

After a few minutes, I turned on the tap to check for leakage. I had to apply the sealant again at certain places. That did the job. Mario would be proud of me.


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