Life Lesson: What Not To Reveal

It is often in life, good things happen and we want to share it. Most of the good things can be shared. You know, like attending a birthday party of your crush next week, or celebrating the fact that you got a lucky draw prize from your company, and so on.

However, today I learnt that there is a condition that needs to be considered first before making that move - sharing the happiness. I recently applied for a job and from the interview, felt as if I got the job. Verbal agreement is never finalized. The offer letter is the one that matters.

I contacted the HR and was told that there will be a delay in announcing the result as they need to interview another person. I thought I had it, why would you wanna interview another one.

I felt insecure. In my mind, I was thinking how bad would it be to explain it to the friends that I shared the good news with. I had to relive the bad feeling and they will have to comfort me. So, don't tell till it is confirmed. That's what I'm saying.


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