Stories: The Illusion of Safety

This story is about my bro, Mika. Bro recently got a new job somewhere else. Given the nature of his job, he has to wake up early. Public transportation is not even operating yet. Under that circumstances, he has to stay at the hostel provided. It is within walking distance from work. 

It was a modern prison. The room has no windows. The door can't even be locked from the outside. So, if you're a thief, you can just waltz right in and start sniffing for gold coins. It really shows how dedicated and concerned the employers are for the safety of their staffs.

One day, something unexpected happened. Someone broke into the hostel. It wasn't exactly a break in. It's more like an unfriendly visiting by a fellow ex-colleague. The culprit has key access to all the doors. Some belongings were gone. Luckily, my bro didn't bring anything valuable.

Once again, this shows how brilliant and hopeful the employers are. Negligence in changing the lock every time a staff leaves is truly a sign of how much they trust their employees. The other day, one guy just waltz in and asked for $1000 from the cashier. Despite there's CCTV footage, the boss refuses to report to the police because he wanted to take care of the reputation of his store.

The store is located in a busy town with lots of cars driving by. Normal people would thought that it's safe. It's definitely not. I thought the prison-like hostel is the only problem Mika has to face but it turns out to be something much dire.

We need that carriage for a better life-changing opportunity.


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