Stories: Sudden x.x

Death is always sudden and surprising. When I was in secondary school, two of my classmates passed. One was due to genetic disease another was due to malaria. When I got the news, I was shocked. It was then my breath stopped. I almost fainted.

I always saw people in drama fainted from getting bad news. But, I never really understood how that happened until then. My mind keep playing the moment we interacted with each other. We were enjoying our conversation. It felt just like yesterday. I can't believe they're gone.

Few weeks back, another old colleague passed away due to cancer. I was shocked to receive the news as well because she looked well and okay when I left the job 8 months ago. Wish for their souls to rest in peace.

So, whenever you feel like throwing your life away, ask yourself, have you lived well enough? Anyway, this derived two thoughts. First, is detox week. Detoxing is important as you never know if something is already growing inside your body. I don't want a sudden death because there are several missions in my life that I have yet to complete.

Second, is to think of how I can enjoy my life more. Let's give that a thought. I haven't really figured out the second part yet.


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