Stories: The Buddy Trip

I seldom go on for a travel. One main reason is because I'm a loser and I don't have anyone to go with and secondly, it's pricey. I have adapted to the life of Internet so well that I don't have to be at the tourist spot to experience what tourist would experience. Yes, the profuse sweating, stinky armpits and bumping into strangers in a crowded street.

After several episodes of depression, I've decided to move out of comfort zone. Articles online mention that traveling helps with depression. All this time, I longed for doing something different. Anything that I think would help which includes making friends with the neighbor's cats and fully coat sushi in wasabi paste. I didn't like traveling before but now, it's in the list. 

So, I threw hints to a close friend that I think would be willing to go on a trip with me, Chocomob. I picked a spot with lots of foods because we are tankers when it comes to eating. Once upon a time, due to poor communication, we've ordered pizzas beyond our normal eating capability. We were poor students at that time. No fridge in the house. So, we have to finish it. Chocomob and I each ate one large pizza. For the record, it wasn't exactly our fault either. One of our friend was so sure that another friend didn't eat his dinner so he gave us the green light to order for him as well. Anyway, on that day, we had developed a different level of disgust towards pizza that only few would understand.

I planned for the trip. Surfing through different parts of the internet, scanning through each blogs that I can find to identify must-eats and must-visits. It's a fair trade of work considering that Chocomob will be driving. 

Cool and collected is what I would describe him. He's okay with lots of my suggestions and keeps up with me when I want to eat something or taking shots of videos around. 

The trip was quite uncomfortable at some time. The blazing sun light was licking every inch of our exposed skins. Roasting it slowly. There's one cafe that we couldn't find despite following the map. We walked around thinking that the map might be pointing to a spot behind the lot. But it wasn't. Turns out it was shared with another store. The sign board was obscured. We found it nonetheless so it was well worth it considering that they serve incredibly nice pancakes.

We tried to head over to a back alley where they serve famous seafood of clams and shellfish. It was very crowded. We couldn't get a seat so we decided to dine elsewhere. Chocomob complaint that his leg was hurting. It was then, I realized, I am the fittest one between the two of us. I imagined giving him a piggy-back ride. It felt ... impossible. He's heavy and I'm skinny. I'll break like a twig.

Time passes fast when you're enjoying it. It's two days now. We pretty much have visited everywhere worth visiting around there. So, the second day is a bit more relaxing. Chocomob's legs was still hurting so we go around in his steel steed. 

People always love traveling. At least that's true for some of my friends. But, all I've experienced is uncomfortable state of being drenched in sweat, smelly and the scorching sun. A lot of foods are overrated and over priced. I guess that goes the same everywhere? 

I'm only doing it for my depression. One thing I enjoyed about the travel is the video editing part. Memories in videos is worth looking back more than plain photos I guess?


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