Stories: Love Yourself

This is a very foreign concept to me. How does one love oneself?

The simplest thing that I could think of is eat well, rest well, and do kind things to yourself like ordering that extra plate spicy Korean chicken feet because you want to treat yourself.

When I was suffering from the void, I sought the comfort of many comrades. Some of them told me to love myself. That, I could not understand.

Someone told me that there's only one person that would truly love me for who I am. My mom. Maybe it's not for everyone but I know this applies to me. That person knows me well. So, we can't expect others to love you as much. He said.

Another friend mentioned self love is to be the best version of oneself. Constantly improve. Get better and better.

I couldn't understand at that time. How can I love myself when I feel like dying? I wish my thinking can be simpler. Simple minded people are happy. Right?

They say time heals but that's not entirely true. Your brain has to process the thing and eventually your subconscious will accept it. Slowly it happens. That's what I am going through.

So, what is self love? I am still seeking that answer. But, one thing that I know is to improve myself. Wear better. Read more. Educate myself. Treat myself. If it's good for me, do it. Tune into my own subconscious. Sense what I want. Ask myself if I am happy with this decision. If there's something I can do now, do it so it won't bother me tomorrow. That's self-love too I think.

Maybe in time, I will get an idea of it. Perhaps at that moment, I will truly say something cool to you guys.


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