Stories: Hiking Plan

Hiking is a pretty popular thing going on around here. This is a city area after all and hiking in the forest is the best way to escape from the hectic life of the concrete jungle. Having that said, I had never been hiking at anywhere at all.

One, is because all of these hiking places are not accessible without own vehicle. You can take Uber and whatnot but the trip back is going to be difficult because not much of these e-hailing dudes will be around.

I am just allured by the beautiful pictures of the scenery. Some of these places offer a nice Instagrammable spot at the end of it. That's a rewarding treat for some. Come to think of it, I think I have hiked before... inside a forest reserve jungle with my bro, uncle and dad. It was an exciting experience.

The trails are uneven. Making it difficult to keep your eyes forward when you make a step. You gotta keep your eyes down on the ground to see where you can put your foot on. It was inside a forest and everything is confusing. Our uncle has taken the path several times so he knows where he's going. There has been news that some people got lost and couldn't find their way out. It was probably a horrifying experience.

When our mom found out, she kinda discouraged us to do that again. So, that was the last time we ever did.

Now that I'm living alone, there isn't much peeps that I can tag along for hiking. All I can do is just read it from others' blogs. Like planning for vacation, the anticipation of it intrigues an excitement that I really enjoy even if I don't actually execute it.

So, here's a list of things/items that I think would be useful in a hike:

  • weather check 
  • survival bracelet - comes with fire starter, whistle, knife
  • first aid kit
  • waterproof bag
  • water bottle 2L
  • get bearing before entering 
  • map study
  • edible - both snack and plants that are edible (require research)
  • tricks to harvest water from the forest
  • glove
  • set of clothes to change to 
Some places require climbing, hence the glove. That's bout it - a list of item to bring around, things to learn and skills to gain.


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