Stories: Train Seat

This happened in one of my mundane train trip to work. I was sitting next to a guy. He was playing with his phone. The seat to my left was empty. It was a usual boring morning train. Everyone was with their own things. Some still fighting the sleepiness. Some numbing their existential pain by hearing music with their eyes closed. Others just stares into space.

The train came to a stop. The door opened. An auntie came in and saw the empty seat next to me. She walked towards it to claim the seat. In the transition between standing and sitting, the train suddenly moved. She lost her balance. Then, the unexpected happened.

She sat on my lap. My left thigh to be exact.

She sat for about 1 second or so before slowly turn her head back and discovered that I have become her chair.

She immediately said sorry. But, I didn't respond. I couldn't. I was going into shock. Then, she said sorry again. I mustered whatever that's left of my consciousness and said "it's okay".


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