Journal: 2018 Milestones

2018 has been an amazing year! There's mix of amazing things I've been through and also the dark side of it. But, I'll be writing the good things only because positive vibe only. I'll be breaking down the highlights according to month. Not all months are filled with adventures and missions because there's work demand in certain periods. Anyway, let's see how 2018 was like:

January - This is the month of lost. I have been freelancing for some time and I thought I should get a proper job with my freelancing experiences. This is where I learn to handle rejection and not to dwell in it.

February - Went for more job interviews. Learnt the different patterns of employers and their ideologies on their company. There's some things I can see that I want in my employer and developing poor company culture is not one of them.

March - Got a new job in graphic design after being rejected in other 5 job applications. First step of changing my whole life.

April - I've been focusing on this job and enjoyed the security that a job provides.

May - Doing nothing new here. Perhaps, I got too comfortable with my job?

June - Malacca trip! Went there with my buddy, Mob. We walked a lot and he has been complaining that his legs hurt. Mine are still fine. This show that I have better stamina! But, my neck hurts. Need to improve on my posture.

July - Made my first travel video from the trip. Managed to insert some video transitions in there. Looking good all the way. Also, reached 10k followers on Instagram for Za'chomics. Wohoo! I also bought mud crab to eat as well because I'm craving for them. But, it doesn't taste good. One of the claws are too hard to break and we don't exactly have a hammer for that. So, we had to throw it away.

August - Started bursting night run. I can run for 7 to 8 laps continuously. I can only do 2 laps before. I probably can go more laps if I push it but I don't want to exceed the 45 time limit. I got other things to do!

September - My birthday month! Bro got me a sports shirt which is something that I always wanted.

October - The company has celebration going on and I have to prepare a lot of artworks to be printed and displayed. There was one Saturday, we have to go and work from 5 pm till 1 am. Luckily there's still e-hauling car services that I can rely on. If not, I'll have to stay there till the event day which is the very next morning of it. And, I'll look like a panda.

November - Right after the company's celebration, there's the new launch of another company. There's more work to be done and I have been too busy to do anything on my personal projects. But, it's fine. Despite the business of October and November, I do enjoy it. I have a bunch of colleagues that I can make jokes and laugh with even when we're all stressed out.

December - My car finally arrived! My baby! I learn some stuffs about the car on how to make use it and make things better. I'm thought of a list of things to be put into the car. I also have been thinking some DIY things to make because I want to make full use of the minimal space that I have and I don't see anything in the market that could satisfy my requirements. Oh, there's also about the pendrive thingy. It wasn't playing when I plugged it in before coz turns out you need to format it as exFat before putting your music files in.

2018 has been a good year all in all. There's some setbacks at some point but every bad thing that you've gone through has lessons to it. It makes me stronger for 2019. I'm excited to plan and execute what I'll be doing this year.


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