15 Fun & Casual Puns That Will Make Your Day

I draw comics and also create designs! Here's some of the practices I made when I first started to learn Illustrator.

If this piece of garbage can, you can too! 

Not quite the fan we want but it's the fan we need. 

Mr. Donut knows what he wants.

Be cool guys. Don't ever do uncool things like littering or eating out of a dog bowl with the dog watching.

Someone believes in you... maybe. 

Goat will always be there for you. 

People call me beautiful too! People like James Blunt. 

Be proud and a-maize-ing!

Man of steel! 

Everyone around you could be having their worse time. You never know. 

You look like you're barely holding it together... Not exactly something you would say to someone who is really barely holding it together. Unless you want to make that person cry. 

Cat bites!

You have met the whale's expectations! Well done! 

Shell hell. Right?


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