Journal: Bamboo House Korean BBQ

The day we feasted like pigs! It was one Saturday afternoon when I texted my bro if he wanted to eat dinner together. The same question appeared every time.
What to eat? I wanted to eat a lot and was super hungry that day. We walked randomly while thinking of what to eat. Well, it's more to walking actually.

There was one Korean all-you-can-eat at a corner. We decided to drop by and have a look. It's a small lot and it looks cozy. The price per person is 58 bucks. That's kinda pricy. My bro mentioned a place where it's cheaper. So, that's where we're gonna go!

We walked towards the car. He stood outside the passenger's door. I stood outside the passenger's door. Neither of us wanted to drive. He said he's tired. So, I had to do it.

By the time we arrived, the place was almost full. It wasn't even 7 pm yet. These people sure were hungry! We chose the seat inside. After we landed our butt firmly onto the seat, these people swarmed on us. Bowls of soups and side dishes were placed on our table. It's like the formula 1 team changing tires. It's so quick. Soon we find ourselves looking at thick slices of pork being grilled over the radiating red charcoal underneath the grill.

On our table was a plate of Korean pancake, side dish of potatoes, kimchi, miso soup, spicy soup, raw vegie, shredded cabbage and a plate of chopped lettuce mixed with oil and chili flakes. I kept on stuffing my mouth with the lettuce and kimchi. There's nothing much to eat other than those. So, it kinda keep my mouth busy while waiting for the pork chop to be cooked.

My bro walked away and came back with a plate of pork slices and oyster mushrooms. The mushrooms were then tossed onto the grill. It was grilled side by side with the pork. There was a plate of bean sauce that my bro don't seem to like. I dipped the pork slice onto the bean sauce and what my tongue tasted that night was something unbelievable. If I have a tail, it would be wagging non stop.

I tasted the Korean pancake. It looked orange and thin. It tasted salty. I didn't like it. The potato dish on the side tasted bland. I dislike it as well. I never touched it after that. It was truly an epic meal. We at about 9 slices of pork chop together.

My bro had the spicy soup and I went for the miso soup. I finished all the tofu inside. The warm soup was a delight to the tummy. However, this changed when it got cold. It started to taste salty and the coldness just made it even weirder. I couldn't finish it.

The restaurant serves free mineral water. It's one of the best drink you can have after swallowing tons of pork and kimchi. I always skip the water because it would make my tummy full. It only comes last moment when I'm almost done with the food. This is like my eating strategy. If we want other drinks, we would cost us extra. The water is enough though, in my humble opinion. It extinguishes the flame of thirst like magic. How can plain water taste so good?

At the end of the eating session, I got myself two bowls of ice cream. I mean, I went for a second round to the ice cream tray after the first one. There's only two choices of ice cream - strawberry and chocolate. I took only the chocolate because the taste speaks to my soul.

It was good.


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