Stories: Proper Farewell To A Water Boiler

Two years ago, I moved into a rented room as part of my journey to embrace adulthood. Along with other things that I stuffed the room with is a water boiler - newly bought. I could do well with just pipe water but I figured ... nah. I had to learn to be a true adult. Besides, cold water can't make good tea.

I was thrilled. Probably because I know that I will always have a faithful water boiler to make me something warm to survive better in this cold harsh world.

Every time when life took me for a round of beating, I smile. I smile not because I'd lost my sanity from all the beating. That's just part of it. I smile because by the end of the day, there's something warm waiting for me at home. A nice cup of hot chocolate.

It's soothing. It relaxes me. It changes everything. Usually, I would frown to the sight of neighbor's child getting a WWE beat up from his grandpa. But with a hot cup of chocolate, that's when magic happens. I would smile and cheer on the grandpa's signature move - the back hand slap that will once and for all decide the outcome of the one-sided brawl.

One day, something went wrong. I filled my water boiler and flicked on the switch but the light wasn't turn on. The water wasn't boiling. I kept flicking on the switch a few times but the light remain dim. I tilt the boiler slightly, being careful not to spill the water in order to see if there's a broken wire or something.

"Must be a glitch or something", I thought to myself. But I knew that's not the truth. I sat quietly while asking why and why and why in my head. I tried to accept what's happening.

I sat down on my chair for what seemed like an eternity but in fact was just a few seconds. I pondered deeply. I resented on the thought of having to spend another 60 bucks for a water boiler. I took a deep breathe and let it out heavily. I knew what had to be done ...


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