Stories: About Bowling

When I first played bowling, it felt like I've just thrown my hopes and dreams down the drain as the bowling ball rolled down the gutter. It was frustrating and I swore on my ancestors' grave that I would never partake in such a soul-crushing game ever again.

Last week, I hanged out with my old friend and we played bowling. (I still do play every now and then when I got tired of the normal outing routine.) He seldom plays bowling and claimed that he is guaranteed to get last place. Feeling compassionate, I gave him some tips on getting the grip right and the body movement of the throw. Needless to say, that's all the kindhearted me can do for a newbie. That should give him some hope in this game. He probably is going to get last place.

He crushed us (there was 4 of us) in the game by successfully making a few strikes. That spiraled us into a deep state of shock and chaos. What is going on?!

Near end of the game, I'd still encouraged him to get the few consequent strikes because after all, I am his mentor and a good friend.

He won the game with a high score of 91.

On another occasion, I was having lunch with my two colleagues. We were the same batch and has the closest relationship compared to other colleagues. Our buddy here, Alvin stated that he'd never played bowling before. This came as a shock to us.

Again, as a good friend, I simply cannot let my friends venture through life without tasting the sweet wine of the bowling game. I gave him some tips on the grip and throwing motion. Again, the mentee surpassed the mentor. He won me several times. Can't really remember how much game we played but he's probably on the higher winning ratio.

That's it guys. The point is. I could be a genius bowling mentor. Please subscribe to my bowling class and change your fate from a drain sweeping bowler to a somewhat normal bowler with potential to score over 100 points.

Little memory facts:
It was over two years since we've last met Ethan. One thing about adulthood is that we're bound by our jobs and busyness of life. Good thing that we still keep in touch.


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