Stories: Song Seeker

A few years ago, I've gained a new power that I'd never realized I had all this time. Yes, the ability to seek song. There was a time in a shopping mall where I suddenly heard the voice of an angel. I looked around seeking for something that resembled the appearance of an angel. My peripherals catches something by the corner and I saw it.

It looks like a black cube with a cloth mesh on one surface and plastic like on the rest of it with wires leading to somewhere. Yeah, it looks like a speaker.

Though I don't remember what song did I heard back then but I do remember is the urge to want to hear the song again and again till the end of time. I enjoyed the song to the fullest at the same time wept for its ending for I know that it may be the first and the last time I would ever hear this beautiful symphony of noises.

I sat by the chair looking out the window.
Sighs heavily.
Single tear rolled down my cheek.
My brother walked by and I complained to my brother.
Will I ever find it again brotha?
Then, like a young magician learning a powerful ancient spell from the wizard master, my mind awakened to what my brother has to say.
You just need to remember part of the song lyrics. Dot it down. Then, type in the lyrics in Google and put "lyric" at the end before pressing the search button.
With luck, the right song should be the first few item lists on top.

Power unlocked: Song Seeker

It was an eye-opening wonder. The Internet is powerful. I'm looking forward for the day when I can download tonkotsu ramen from the Internet.

Anyways, I've been using the same trick to find my song every single time. I always hang around to catch the lyrics and dotting them down on my notepad app. Though there are apps that help with that but I still love to Google it.


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