Stories: Wet Shoes

It was a gloomy day. I stared outside the window and it was indeed gloomy. Rain is about to cast its fall. It has been 5 days since the delivery. I have yet to receive my package. What made it worse is that I thought it was Thursday. But no. It's Friday. Further delay would not be good. I am out of options. I had to go to the center and retrieve the package myself.

Uncle Google has been kind. Giving me all the information needed about the place. I took a cab there and to my surprise, there was nothing. The map is messed up. Or more like the one who marked the facility on the map is probably a messed up person.

I ended up in a housing area under the rain. There was nothing. I head over to the nearest gas station and attempted to ask about the whereabouts of the facility. He was confused. A kind lady who was taking refuge from the horrible weather came over to assist. It's nice to see a kind face when it's all dark and cold and wet.

The map showed the right spot but it's not right. It must be someone's sick joke. I walked around the area hoping to find a glimpse of hope. Nothing. My shoes were all wet. It was uncomfortable. My broken umbrella just barely holding it together.

I took a bus back. Thanks to my research skill, I know where the bus route is. I contacted the merchant. The merchant will be helping me track my package. Turns out the courier has already launched it's delivery mission a while ago. If I had checked it first before heading out, it would've saved me time and 13 bucks. Arrrghhh...

I had to wash my shoes. But there's no place to dry it. I put it on top of my pail. The shoes are wide enough that they can be held on top of the bucket without falling in. Water drips slowly as the wind blows at it overnight.

It was not good. It's still wet and now it has gone smelly. I heard a bell. Could it be?

I rushed down stairs and it was the delivery man. My package! My long awaited package has finally arrived!

Now, there's just one thing left. The shoes. I had to wash them again. This time, I need away to dry it out. I twisted the wired cloth hanger to a simple shape. I just bend the both edge of it so it would act as a hook to hang my shoes.

Blasting my shoes at point blank would probably be the best way to dry it up. I put an old shirt under it to absorb the dripping water.

It worked! It's all dry now after a night.


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