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Learning new skill is what makes life interesting. But often, it needs motivation whether it's good or bad. You might be wondering what is good motivation. Well, it can be the desire to cook for someone which led you into cooking. You get the idea.

On the other hand, the bad one is derived from something like the hatred on how expensive and stingy outside food is. You hate it so much that there's no other choice but to cook for yourself. No offense, 8 bucks for a few pieces of chicken and two cheapskate slices of cucumber just ticks me off.

It is important to have this strong foundation of hate or drive. Because, when the going gets tough and pushes you to the ledge of giving up, you'll want something that pulls you back into the zone.

Sometimes, you just gotta hate life so much that you force yourself to become the ultimate survivor. Be good in everything that comes to your mind even in those skills that don't make money like working out and bowling. Coz, if it helps to build your self esteem, then it's something worth learning about.

Building confidence on how good you are with your job is a poor choice. The world is wide. Don't just get stuck on a routine skill. Explore more. Love life.

Hence, you might have discovered the motive behind my willingness to cook now ... it's both.


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