Stories: Unsaid

There's this friend of mine called Onion. Onion loves cat. He has about 6 of them now. Most of the cats are strays and he just picked each of them from the street. He feels sympathetic towards the kitties. So, he adopted them.

He's a saint. A cat saviour. A hero. A kind soul.

One day, I saw a kitty at the bus stop where I waited for another friend to fetch me to work. It was raining. The kitten sat outside the protection area of the roof. It was drizzling. I thought of picking the cat up where it's dry but I got worried it might wander off towards the road and become a road pizza.

I didn't know what to do. But, I did something that I shouldn't have. I told Onion about the cat. He asked what did I do to the cat. I said nothing. I felt bad with that answer considering that he's a cat lover. He probably felt bad for the cat as well.

He is better off without knowing about the cat in the first place. But, there's one thing when you're close to someone, you just spout out things without thinking it through. That's what happened. Before telling someone something that you just feel excited about, think. Stop and think of how it will affect the person. Is it necessary for that person to know? Will it make that person feel bad?

There's abandoned kitty everywhere. I think it will be happier for him not knowing of those that he couldn't save.


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