Comic Series: How To Care

I created this comic series because I wanted to show people how to care. It mostly involves doing the small things. They may be simple but not everyone could do it. It has to start from the heart. Set the intention right. Every time you're doing something, think of how it could help the one you care. 

Thanking people is the most basic way to appreciate someone's effort. I have encountered people who somehow doesn't even thank people. Kinda makes me feel like they're taking me for granted.
I know an exclassmate that loves to be late. His friend is like arrived downstairs waiting. Only then he wakes up and takes shower. His friend kinda has a good tolerance to that behaviour of his. So, he will call him saying that he has arrived despite he is still on his way. It just doesn't feel good when someone purposely make you wait.
The basic... call back home. Even when you don't have anything special to say, just talk about your day.
Sometimes, offering your silent presence is all it takes. Having the right words to say would be a bonus. I have talked to several people and most of them go for "don't be sad", "be happy" which kinda never works.
 When you don't expect it, and your favorite drink suddenly's gonna be a lovely surprise!

Cooking for someone is therapeutic for me. But, save this for someone really special and that person knows it. Don't just do it for anyone. At least that's for me. 
Be generous with words. It's the easiest form to make someone feel good especially when it really is! Don't overdo it tho, otherwise it will seem insincere.
The key to having a successful sharing attempt is to really mean it. Like with all the gestures and actions all pointing your intention out. When I shared my gummies, I opened the bottle and was like about to pour the gummies out and at the same time asked if that person wants it. That's how you share things. If I have asked first and waited for the answer before opening the bottle, it probably have less chance that would work out.
The simplest birthday form that shouldn't even exist is "hb". It's the abbreviation of "happy birthday". Somehow, technology just robbed the magic of birthday wishes. Commenting them on their walls when it's their special day just don't feel sincere. Try spending some time to really care and appreciate the existence of someone ... celebration of a person's existence. That's what birthday is all about.
 Save something good for someone!
 People are usually lazy in the morning. That's when you do things to make it convenient for them...
The more I know the person, the clearer the idea I'll get on what the person will like as a gift. Most people goes blank when it comes to getting a gift for someone. Even for those whom they are close with. But the secret is, give it a lot of thought. Sometimes, I think of what the person will need a month before the special day.
I don't do silly things with strangers. Only close friends get to see this quirky side of me. Sometimes, certain people react better in certain act of silliness. Some just call you dumbo. So, be careful.

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