Journal: Noble Steed Arrived 28 Dec 2018

It was in plan for quite a while now and it finally has arrived! Galloping through the seven seas, a bright red stallion stormed its way through the vast plains to arrive into my embrace.

I've been trying to get a car since July this year but there were hurdles to leap over - the factory dashboard mould was said to be damaged and had to take over a month to get it fixed. Then, there's the misunderstanding with the bank agent. He called me asking for more details on the loan which I thought was someone who randomly called to ask if I applied loan recently. And those, add up to the months of period of delay. But, it was no rush.

I have to be honest. I was nervous at first because I am driving auto on unfamiliar territories. I used to drive manual. Auto is foreign for me. I went out with my bro to retrieve the steed yesterday. As we tried to drive out, we tried to shift the gear but the stick won't budge. We used our wits and prayers to try to get it move. It was solid as a rock.

My bro waved his hand towards the sales agent. He came and asked what's wrong. We had to let go of our pride and inquire the necessary information from him. That got it settled. We waved goodbye to him and out onto the next stage! Like a rabbit released into the wild, we galloped our way and never looked back! Mostly due to embarrassment earlier.

**This blog is taking a new direction! Journal!
A while back... like way back, this friend of mine, Eva had this thingy with journal. She takes photos and prints them out. Then, she compiles it in a physical journal. There's writings and drawings all over. It was nice!


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