Highlight of The Month: Jan 2019

This is a journal noting down on the good things that happen within the month. It can be little things but that's alright because big things are made of little things. In life, there's ups and downs. That's the seasoning of life. I'll just put in the good ones here because it would help me feel better when I read back... hopefully.

But, wait! Writing about January stuffs when it's about the mid of April now? "You must have superior memory that surpass the average human minds!" You probably wondered this. Or not. It's okay. I would like to imagine some people would thought of that because at the end of the day, I just want to feel like a super hero sometimes. *teary eyes

I have this handy dandy phone that have been with me for around 4 years now. It has sustained many falls, bruises and scratches. Yet it still works fine. Kinda ... it had a great fall in March and I had to bring it to fix. Anyway, I always write notes in it. That's how I keep record of things I wanna draw or write.

People like to setup new year's resolution but not me. I made some lists. I made a wish list of things that I want to buy to reward myself. The things also must fulfill two criteria. First, it must be useful. No fancy items like a toy mask or things that I would rarely use. Second, it must be at the best price. Sometimes, non-branded item works better than branded ones. For example, sports shoes. I bought a branded one but the base tore apart. The padding came off, revealing the vulnerable cushion side of the base. It was horrifying. Maybe it's not original? I don't know. Paid about RM120 for it while it's on sale. With the same price, I can buy 3 not so popular branded sports shoes.

Anyway, I learnt to buy shoes that doesn't have paddings on the base because that part will certainly come off first. I think this has been a thing going on the industry. A lot more designers realized that and a lot of shoes sold out there don't have any paddings anymore. Just a single threaded foam that would wear with more uses. It's the best the world has to offer with current technology I guess.

I also made a bucket list that lists down what I wanted to do. One of them is getting 50k followers on Instagram. There's also other stuffs like try more new food, have more short trips... These are just planned things that I wanna do for this year. It's good to have goals and measurable at that.

On this month, I received a letter from the company announcing my increment. It's just 3%. Kinda low. I consulted Gina on this and she said that it's normal. Better than nothing. I guess so. It's a new field for me after all. My previous IT job could give 6% and more. So, it's like that huh...

Then, there's approval of Adsense for this website. Though it's earning like 0 at this moment but it opens up to new doors. It's extra monetization means!

I also managed to cross off one item from the bucket list - celebrate by eating nice stuffs at least at 3 places. So far, I've been to a night market with my bro. The food there is not cheap at all. But, it's a new try. It was raining when we arrived so we waited in the car. Then the rain slows down to a drizzle. That's when we start storming the place with our umbrella. There's very huge chunks of roast pork, fresh seafood, produce and food. We bought chicken dim sum (not so good), take away noodles (RM 7+ which is quite pricy), bottled guava drink (no added sugar, healthy but guava is rarely sweet so you can guess how it tastes like), dumpling (for breakfast), bananas, jackfruit ... that's all I could remember. We also ate at EatMor, an all-you-can-eat steamboat buffet restaurant. We ate as much as we could. It has huge variety of option but it isn't exactly perfect. The crabs aren't fresh. They don't have the natural sweetness to it. The minced garlic has a rotten smell probably coz soaked in water for too long. My bro highlighted that to one of their staffs and they replaced the whole garlic bowl. We also tried a pork bone broth restaurant. It was very flavorful. I like the herbal soup taste. It ain't cheap but it's a good treat to have once a while. That's three good eats within a month. That's like way too much and over because I was thinking to have separate sessions of it which is spread out through the entire year. Oh well, I enjoyed it. That's what matters.

Started a mini project which I have yet to finish because lack of time and motivation that fuels it. But, I started it. That's the first step! It's about making short animated stickers for Giphy. I find it hard to be creative on this because it has to be something that people can use to express about something. It's a new thing to me but no rush. I'll get it done!

For my baby car, it always get pooped on. So, I made a simple car wash liquid using dish soap and baking soda. I'm not sure how it would be like if used long term. There's warning that certain brand might harm the car's paint. But, it's just a trial for me. I need it to wash the car sometimes when there's like stubborn poop stain on it. There are very sucky animals out there that violently poops on people's car. Anyway, I made a small bottle of it and keep it in the trunk. I use it to wash the car sometimes when it's unbearable to see how many poop stains there are. Besides, I want to get them while it's fresh because it gets harder to remove as they become more solid as time passes.

It's a good month overall.


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