The 5 Stretches

Stretching to me is like a lazy exercise. It doesn't make me feel like dying for air yet it still provides certain benefits that exercise would. It's just keeping your body on a shape and breathe. Easy right? I was chatting with Gina about her mission to get rid of belly fat. Despite being a lean girl, getting such comment from people around her triggered her but in a good way... I think. She got nightmares about that too. Maybe, it's not impacting her that well after all.

Other than possessing an aggressive counseling skill, ability to wolf down 4 kilograms of matcha and survive matcha overdose, now she also has the ability to do 100 sit ups in less than 5 minutes. Along with her journey, she also picked up stretching exercise or striking a pose and breathe or yoga or whatever you call it. Somehow, I asked too much and she started sharing some poses with me.

Oh boy...

Before I knew it, I was doing it too...

The first pose is called picking up a cat.

The second pose is called cat avoid being picked up.

The third pose is called praying to a God. Both hands to the front and stretch out while keep breathing.

The fourth pose is called pull your legs together. The soles of each feet are facing each other and you pull them towards you with both of your hands. At the same time, try to push your thighs to touch the floor as much as you can.

The fifth pose is what I call, the wall sit. It's the easiest and supposedly help your blood to flow. My legs felt numb after a while. That's when Gina commented and said my blood is not flowing too good.

For the first day, I kinda subconsciously stopped breathing. I felt a soreness to my abdomen because of that. The poses were not comfortable at first so I guess that's why I tend to breath irregularly without realizing. Gina commented something like "don't stop breathing". She just said I did it wrongly and gave me a few pointers.

Gina mentioned the three wonderful perks of stretching. Should I continue for a significant period of time, I would be able to obtain them - smooth sail blood flow, better piggy time and muscle relaxation. Let's see ...


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