Stories: Bracelet

I never thought of wearing a bracelet because it feels like a hindrance. Heck, I don't even wea a watch. I dislike how that part of my skin which is in contact with the watch would sweat.
It's uncomfy. The weight also is bugging me. But, bracelet is like that one accessory that at one point of our life we need to have. There's too much people around us wearing them. With how it is with the psychology of branding, the more we see it, the more we feel like we want to have it.

There's several types of bracelet that people would usually wear:
  • religious bracelet - usually a piece of string obtained from temples, people wears them for protection
  • mineral stone bracelet - such as jade and crystals, different stones brings different spiritual effects
  • rubber band - mainly to use as weapon to launch at naughty children
  • hair band - to tie up your long hair when you feel like it
  • fashion bracelet - can be plastic or leather or titanium, just for style

Throughout the course of time I've came to know a few things. First, there's the essential oil. I never understood what is it for or the benefits that it has. It just smells nice and that's it. That is until I discovered aromatherapy and how the smell gives off positive therapeutic benefits. The natural pleasant smell is supposed to help us relax. So, artificially made fragrance or perfume might not have the same effects.

You probably wondering why am I telling about aromatherapy out of the blue? Bear with me, it will all click in the end.

At another point of my life, I came to discover the existence of anti-mosquito bracelet. They're scented bracelet that is supposed to release a kind of smell that wards of mosquitoes. I am not sure of the side effects of even the effectiveness of these bracelets. They often comes in a variety of colors which is not really my style.

So, at one moment, I would like to jump onto the bandwagon and go with the hype of wearing a bracelet. But, I don't want it to be plastic because I dislike wearing something that doesn't serve a purpose. So, most fashion bracelet is out of the question. I also don't see rubber band as a good bracelet because it presses onto my wrists uncomfortably and just don't seem to be a proper thing to be wearing at my wrists. Hair band is one useful thing but I don't really need it. It's more practical to have if I have long hair. Mineral stone bracelets are known to have certain benefits such as attracting luck and fortune with certain beliefs as well. For example, ruby is believed to be able to banish nightmares, protect a home from fire, help one to stay safe at night and what not. But, I am kinda skeptical with it. As for religious bracelet, it is meant to provide certain protection. I know some of my friends that wear them. However, I am not sure how to get it. You probably gotta be in that religion and believe that it will work for it to work.

Hence, all these combined ultimately gave me a thought. What if there's a bracelet that I could wear with the ability to absorb essential oil. This would allow me to take a sniff or two whenever I'm picking my nose or scratching my face. The pleasant aroma would certainly be a delight that would propel me to a better mood. This idea has been lingering in my mind for a while but I have yet to discover the right bracelet for the craft.

Until one day, I stumbled upon lava stone bracelet. It has groves and craters on the surface which gives it the appearance of little black moons. These indentations also works wonder in absorbing little drips of essential oil. So, this will function well in releasing a lasting pleasant aroma. In addition to that, lava stone is also known as a calming stone. It is believed to be able to calm ourselves as well as to ground the root chakra.

Whoa, okay... didn't I said I was skeptical about that earlier? Yep. But, look at this way. There's a thing called earthing. That is the act of connecting our body to be grounded. Our body operates electrically. Our nervous system, interaction between brain cells and more are operating electrically. However, modernization reduces the chance for us to be grounded to earth. A lot of us wears rubber shoes and not much of us city dwellers would walk barefooted in the park anymore. In other words, we are ungrounded. Research has been made and walking barefoot basically have certain beneficial effects on pain and stress. The most common way to do this is to walk on the ground barefooted.

Having that said... since the lava rock is basically earth. So, it keeps the wearer grounded... I think.

With all the type of bracelets earlier, they usually have two combo effects which is style and spiritual attribute or protection or tie up hair or as a mini weapon. But, with lava stone bracelet + essential oil combo, the combination created 3 effects:
  • spiritual belief of calming effects from the lava stone
  • calming effect from the essential oil and also
  • fashion

It's like adding a properties to the equipment that we have. Just like in a game. Pretty cool.


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